A note from Conner Kerrigan, Communications Director


Curating, formatting, and publishing the “Empowering You” newsletter has been a really enjoyable part of my job since I started with Empower Missouri in April of 2019. As I’ve worked on it with my colleagues, we’ve been trying to find ways to make it as beneficial for our followers as possible. Through a lot of conversation and discernment, we’ve come to the conclusion that the way to extract the most value from this newsletter is to take our time with it, and to deliver it right to the people who want it. That’s why, starting in 2020, we’ll be switching formats. Instead of a monthly, digital version of the Newsletter, we’ll be mailing a copy to your door each quarter. This way, we’ll be able to dive deeper into the topics we write about, bringing you useful and harshly analyzed information about the things you care about.

If you’d like to begin receiving our quarterly newsletter starting in March of 2020, then please be sure to update your information with us, so that we can be sure to send it to the right location. As always, if you appreciate this newsletter and all the other content that we put out, consider donating as a form of support for the Communications department and the work we put out. Thank you.

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  1. This is very disappointing. I ready the weekly newsletter at work on my computer. I am less likely to read a quarterly hard copy print version. It is all about time. Furthermore, in an age of great concern regarding climate change, why would Empower Missouri choose to move to a print version? This will require more fossil fuel to produce and deliver as well as destroy more trees. I’ll opt out.

    1. Conner Kerrigan

      Hi Ashley, thanks for the comment! I just wanted to clarify a few things:

      1. We’ll still going to be sending out the Weekly emails, this change affects our monthly Newsletter, which will now become quarterly.
      2. The newsletter will still be available digitally, so you can still read at work on your computer, and can definitely opt-out of receiving the newsletter in the mail.
      3. The climate change discussion did come up when we were making this decision, and we understand the concern completely. We made this change to ensure that our supporters who don’t read digitally can still get the important news from us each quarter. This also allows us to continue our support of local union print businesses, who often use practices to have as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

      If you have any more questions or concerns, please reach out to me at [email protected]

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