Changing policy changes lives. In order to support Empower Missouri’s ambitious (but attainable!) policy goals, Empower Missouri has substantial plans to grow our organization.  Here are a few highlights from our strategic plan: 

  • Significantly grow each of our three core coalitions with a focus on adding organizations serving rural communities.
  • Evolve our coalitions to include collaborative legislative agenda-setting and create new avenues to center the voices of directly impacted individuals in policy advocacy.
  • Launch a new story-banking initiative to gather the stories of those directly impacted by poverty in Missouri and elevate those stories to our elected officials.
  • Expand training opportunities, including launching a new advocate training academy and cohort-based learning programs.
  • Formalize and deepen legislator education on poverty in Missouri. 
  • Create new avenues for Missourians to learn about poverty, build solutions at the local level, and connect with other advocates.
  • Grow the Empower Missouri staff from six to 14 over the next three years, significantly increasing our capacity to build coalitions to influence policy change.

During this period of growth and innovation, we’ll be grateful for your support as we strengthen our base for future policy wins. We deeply believe that poverty in Missouri can be eradicated. There are many evidenced-backed solutions to the issues we face as a state, but we often lack the political will to implement them. With your help, we can make a significant dent in poverty in Missouri over the next ten years. We look forward to welcoming you to Empower Missouri’s growing circle of supporters.