Policy Priorities

The core of our work centers around our three statewide coalitions: food security, affordable housing, and criminal justice. These areas represent the core of our work because of the deep connection each has to all aspects of poverty. Each greatly impacts a persons’ ability to lead a safe and successful life, and policy change is deeply needed in each area to create better opportunities for us all. Our coalitions continue to drive progress, with a sharp focus on dismantling cycles of poverty — and alleviating its effects — in our state. Learn more about each issue area and our priorities for each below.

Poverty is a complex issue and as such we sometimes also work on issues outside of our three priority areas, many times working with partners leading those fights across the state. We’ve advocate for better policies such as expanding access to healthcare, protecting voting rights and the Initiative Petition process, and raising the minimum wage. You can find information about that work under Other Anti-Poverty Issues.

Affordable Housing

Housing is the key to many of the goals of our state, including health and mental health outcomes, workforce participation, and safe communities.

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Criminal Justice Reform

We must abandon practices that have failed our state for decades and find new ways to address crime, poverty, and the drug epidemic in our state.

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Food Security

Our government should ensure every person in our country has enough resources to be able to access enough healthy food to support their bodies.

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Other Anti-Poverty Policies

Poverty is a complex and far reaching issue, and will require diverse policy solutions to solve. As part of that work, we sometimes focus on issues outside of our three priority areas.

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