The Need For Medicaid Expansion

Registered voters in Missouri have an opportunity on Election Day August 4 to vote Yes on Amendment 2 to expand Medicaid in our state and improve Missouri’s health and economy.

Most importantly, Empower Missouri believes it is a moral and human right for all to have access to healthcare coverage. This was true even before the coronavirus outbreak and now more than ever, a Yes on Amendment 2 vote is the right thing to do!

No Missourian should have to choose between life-saving care and putting food on the table. African-American Missourians have been disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus and studies have shown that this is largely due to a lack of access to healthcare. Amendment 2 will ensure 36,000 more African-American Missourians will have access to much needed healthcare. 

Overall, Medicaid expansion will bring healthcare to more than 230,000 Missourians who currently earn $18,000 or less annually. Under current requirements, adults without children don’t qualify, while parents can’t earn more than $2,900 a year. A Yes on Amendment 2 vote will help improve the economic circumstances for those lacking affordable healthcare. 

It will bring billions of our taxpayer dollars back from Washington, DC – money that’s set aside for Missouri but is currently being sent to other states. And it will protect thousands of healthcare jobs and help keep rural hospitals and urban healthcare clinics open.

For a decade, Missouri has failed to expand Medicaid, leaving thousands of families without insurance. We can no longer wait on state lawmakers to do the right thing. 

Voting Yes on Amendment 2 August 4 empowers Missourians and ensures dignity and fair access to healthcare!

By Jack Wang
Healthcare For Missouri

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