Testimony in Support of HB 1730 – Tax Credits for Food Pantries

Date: February 20th, 2024
To: Chairman Thompson and The House Special Committee on Public Policy
From: Christine Woody, Food Security Policy Manager, Empower Missouri
Re: Support for HB 1730

As the largest and oldest anti-poverty non-profit in our state, Empower Missouri is committed to improving the quality of life for all Missouri residents through advocacy. As part of our work, we organize a statewide coalition called the Food Security Coalition. This coalition is made up of individuals and organizations who are working to ensure every Missourian has access to healthy and nutritious food and that Missouri has a strong safety net for those who need it.

As you may know, over 12% of Missourians struggle with food insecurity. In our urban centers and in many rural counties in our state that percentage is even higher. Our food pantries are one of the first lines of defense for those struggling with food insecurity. These organizations rely on donations of food and money to be able to provide for the thousands of individuals they see every month. Providing additional support to these entities through tax credits is one way to increase the help they can provide to families and individuals in communities across Missouri.  

Missouri has a long  history of using tax credits to incentivize businesses, create jobs, increase economic activity and support community organizations. By passing HB 1730, the legislature again can support these community organizations and decrease food insecurity as well. We respectfully ask this committee to vote for HB 1730. 

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