Strong Response Needed to Protect Public Health and Meet Basic Human Needs

As COVID-19 continues to impact the lives of Missourians, it is important now that our federal lawmakers take action to help the most vulnerable populations during the outbreak and that our state officials hear from you. It is urgent that a state response match the needs of our neighbors with low incomes, those displaced from work, and those who are vulnerable due to incarceration. Empower Missouri has worked with our local and national partners to recommend solutions to help our neighbors have access to adequate nutrition, housing stability, and public health protocols during this pandemic. To take action, click HERE. This is a rapidly changing situation, and therefore the request for action may also change. Updates will be listed below:

Update 03/06 – President Trump signs H.R. 6074, which provides funding to help with vaccine development and permits Medicare to spend $500 million on telehealth programs for the virus.

Update 03/18 – Senate Passes H.R. 6201, which includes expanded access to SNAP and WIC, President expected to sign.

Update 03/19 – President Trump signs H.R. 6201, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which increases access and use of SNAP and WIC.

Update 03/25 – 2 Trillion-dollar stimulus passed, includes many housing measures. President expected to sign.

Update 03/27 – President Trump signs Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), which includes direct payments to Americans and an expansion of unemployment insurance.

Update 04/21 – This week, our Food Security Coalition is advocating via Twitterstorm and calls with our U.S. Senators for SNAP benefit increases to be included in a fourth federal stimulus package and our Smart Sentencing Coalition is advocating with Gov. Parson for protections needed by inmates and staff at the Department of Corrections.

Update 04/27 – This week, our Food Security Coalition and Affordable Housing Coalition are calling on our state and federal lawmakers to increase food assistance benefits for Missourians and to help tenants during and after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Update 05/04 – As the U.S. Senate returns to action in Washington, DC, and U.S. House members discuss an additional federal coronavirus response package, we call our full mailing list to action to make sure that influxes of cash, nutrition and housing aid are included and that funds address the COVID-19 crisis in our jails and prisons. The first half of May is a crucial window of opportunity to shape the final form of this legislation.

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  1. Barbara Inman

    Please help our nation. Please help our prisoners who are basically looking at a death sentence if covet 19 gets to the prisons. There are many families willing to take in their loved ones and have them under house arrest. Please release prisoners in all states now

  2. Margaret Phillips

    Please support any aid to people in need of rent and food. The poor and struggling need far more help than large corporations.

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