Smart Sentencing Coalition Call Notes – 7/19/19

On Call: 

  • Rita- MCC
  • Barb-CWIT
  • Mary Ann Jamie Alicia-ACLU
  • Amanda Wilson- KC Lisc
  • Samantha- Clark Fox
  • Beth- Innocence Project
  • Cheryl- JCRC
  • Gwen- CJM
  • Nicole- Sentencing Project
  • Damian Johnson
  • Michelle and Patty- All of us of None; AOUON; Mo C. U. R. E.

1. Discussion of Governor Parson signing of criminal justice legislation: 

The Governor signed these bills:

  • HB 192- fines paid by offenders
  • HB 547 – Veterens treatment court
  • SB 1 – adds to expungement list
  • HB 397- no prostitution charge for minors
  • SB514 – suspend Mo Health Net instead of cancelling when someone enters justice facility in MO 

Conner from Empower Missouri was present at the signing and posted photos on social media 

Discussion followed- what crimes were included in the changes to mandatory minimum and expungement laws. Are their opportunities for additions in 2020? 

2. Discuss plan for meeting with Parole Board on August 2nd

It is with Director Phillips and a staff member. It will be held at 10:30 on Friday Aug. 2nd. At 3400 Knipp, Jefferson City, MO. Carpooling is encouraged due to parking space issues. After meeting the attendees will meet for lunch to debrief. A sign up will be sent out so we know how many people will be there.

Current agenda: 

  • What does he understand as the process by which hearings are held and votes are conducted
  • Is the New risk assessment tools in use?
  • Article on new risk assessment tool
    • How much emphasis do they put into the tool?
    • How much weight does it hold?
    • What other factors do they take into consideration?
  • Timeliness and information shared
    • Ask about any way to speed up process of letting inmates know the result of their hearing.
    • Also, any way they can get more information about why they were denied and what they can do to help their chances the next time?
  • Rewrite the information given to parolees in a way that is more readable for a wider range of reading levels
    • right now the information is too advanced
  • Emphasize that there is a national discussion for parole board to manage against their risk
    • broaden background of membership on the board, create background requirements for board members, create a standard for parole once they meet a certain age or qualification (new federal law—when people reach a certain age), etc
    • Jeanette will draft an official agenda and send it to Chairman Philips prior to the meeting.
    • Cheryl is happy to drive people from St. Louis- 314-442-3872 

3. Which Legislators we should set a meeting with this fall to discuss next legislative session? 

  • Jeanette will be setting up a meeting with the Prosecuting attorneys Darryl Moore and Rep. Neely to discuss possible expansion of Elder parole
    • also said we should maybe include Rep. Washington and Rep. Hannegan in that discussion
  • She would also like us to meet with members of the Spec Committee on Criminal Justice and the Judiciary Committee to do some baseline education. 
  • Christine will get a list of potential people to meet Both Mary Ann and Cheryl are interesting in meetings in STL 

4. Any other updates from Coalition members 

  • Update from Cheryl about their events
    • flyer on the EM website.
  • Jeanette mentioned the two special committee on CJ hearings taking place next week. 

The flyer for those events is here.

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