We’re nearly through Hunger Action Month, and this week, we are highlighting one of our (many) incredible partners in the Food Security Coalition, KC Healthy Kids!

Andrea Clark, Director of Food System Planning at KC Healthy Kids, has been a member of the Food Security Coalition for the past three years representing the Greater KC Food Policy Coalition, a program of KC Healthy Kids. She works alongside other advocates and partners to fight for our collective mission of ending hunger in Missouri.

The Greater KC Food Policy Coalition convenes diverse stakeholders to advocate for an equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system in greater Kansas City and promote policies for the nutritional, economic, social, and environmental health of the community. It’s one of KC Healthy Kids’ initiatives to advocate for  “Good Food Policy”, so that kids and their communities can have convenient access to healthy food.

“We participate  in the Food Security Coalition to stay updated on state policy and coordinate efforts with advocates across the state. By working together, our work has a strong collective impact. By participating in the Food Security Coalition, we hear how policies and programs are actively being implemented. We learn about challenges or barriers that need to be addressed through further advocacy.”

-Andrea Clark, Director of Food System Planning, KC Healthy Kids

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