We Need You To Contact Your Senator TODAY To Ask Them For Their Support Of Funding For Medicaid Expansion

There are a lot of attacks on workers and voters going on this session – so many that it’s tough to keep them all straight and keep track of what’s real and what is purely political grandstanding.

The number one thing to know is that on July 1st, more than 230,000 Missourians will be newly eligible for Medicaid health insurance. 

This is written into the Missouri constitution after supporters like you helped put it on the ballot, talked with your neighbors, and voters agreed that no matter how much we make or where we live, we should all be able to see a doctor when we’re sick – without fear of bankruptcy.

That is not changing.

What is making headlines is whether or not politicians in Jefferson City are going to do their job, respect our vote, and adequately fund the Medicaid program.

Last month, on a party-line vote, House Republicans on the Budget Committee showed their disrespect for Missouri workers and voters by voting to withhold appropriate funding for Medicaid Expansion. This vote was a political stunt. 

If it was constitutional, it would jeopardize billions in federal funding, taking away desperately needed support from our rural hospitals, as well as health insurance from more than 230,000 Missourians who desperately need it.

Fortunately, this is nothing more than a reckless stunt and Missouri remains on a path to fully expand Medicaid on time on July 1st, as required by our constitution and demanded by our voters. 

Just as we came together to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot, and pass it last August, and the many years of advocating for health care for all – we will come together again to make sure our leaders fulfill their duty to represent and care for all of us – no exceptions.

The next step is the Senate Budget Committee – which has the moral and fiscal responsibility to fund the full Medicaid program. Anything less than fully funding the Medicaid program is a move to take away services and jeopardize the health of over a million Missourians, including seniors and children.

Voters have spoken. We are tired of political games harming the health of our neighbors and communities.

With our grassroots power, we continue to call on our leaders to fully fund Medicaid for all Missourians.

Here are three things you can do now to take action now:

  1. Join our weekly phone banks. We will be connecting our neighbors with their state senators who most need to hear from us.
  2. Email the Senate Budget Committee now. Click through and then share with your friends.
  3. Email your state senator and demand they fully fund Medicaid.

No matter our race, zip code, or income, we all want to make sure we can prevent, treat or recover from illness or injury without fearing we’ll go bankrupt. We will not let politicians divide us or tell us that our families don’t deserve quality health care. Together, we will hold our leaders accountable and make Missouri a place where we can all thrive. 

In Solidarity, 

Crystal Brigman Mahaney
Communications Director – Missouri Jobs with Justice