Tenant Organizing

Rising rental costs and the lack of tenant rights and protections across the country has created a system that is heavily stacked against many who are already struggling with limited resources. Thousands of Missouri renters are faced with living with unsafe conditions or deceptive and discriminatory practices.

More and more, tenants are realizing that organizing is essential to fight for tenant-focused housing reform to counter the wide spread dysfunction. You can read more about tenant unions, organizations, and associations in our Weekly Perspective from Vee Sanchez, Affordable Housing Policy Manager for southwest Missouri.

Tenants are organizing across the country, and Empower Missouri is focused on seeding and supporting these efforts in southwest and mid-Missouri. While we do not have the capacity to help renters fight individual cases, we are working with local tenant leaders to mount powerful campaigns to change the systems that cause these issues in the first place.

If you are interested in getting involved with a tenant organization, you can contact Vee Sanchez, Affordable Housing Policy Manager, at [email protected].