Commit to Change – Join Empower365!

Changing policy changes lives-but it’s not easy! Real change in Missouri takes ongoing advocacy – educating the public and our legislators about the impact of proposed policies, elevating the voices of those with lived experience, and engaging community members to activate for change. Empower Missouri is growing to meet that challenge, and your support of Empower365 will support this work every step of the way. A monthly donation through Empower365 is a commitment to empowerment, advocacy, and lasting impact all year round. Your support will help us:

  • Grow and evolve our coalitions to include collaborative legislative agenda-setting and create new avenues to center the voices of directly impacted individuals in policy advocacy.
  • Expand training opportunities, including launching a new advocate training academy and cohort-based learning programs.
  • Deepen legislator education on poverty in Missouri. 
  • Create new avenues for Missourians to learn about poverty, build solutions at the local level, and connect with other advocates.

Your consistent contributions ensure that our vital programs receive the resources they need year-round, creating a lasting impact that truly transforms lives. We look forward to welcoming you to Team Empower365, together, we can make significant strides towards eradicating poverty in Missouri.