Under the Dome & Around the State Briefing

Classroom with white screen displaying a black silhouette of the state of Missouri and an outline of a capitol building.

[featured][featured_person name=”Andrew T. Bailey” title=”General Counsel, Missouri Department of Corrections” image=”/uploads/2018/12/Andrew-Bailey-resize.jpg” description=”Andrew will update us on the progress of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative.” organization-logo=”/uploads/2018/12/Mo-Dept-of-Corrections-logo.png” ][featured_person name=”Jeanette Mott Oxford” title=”Executive Director, Empower Missouri” image=”/uploads/2018/08/oxfordjeanette.png” organization-logo=”/uploads/2018/10/EmpowerMO-Logo.jpg” description=”JMO will preview the 2019 General Assembly and Empower Missouri’s priorities, noting pre-filed bills we will be watching.”][/featured]


December 27, 2018
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Phone: (515) 603-3103
Call-in Code: 167856#
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