Social Justice at the Ballot Box on November 3: Vote No On 3!

Denise Lieberman is a civil rights attorney and nationally recognized expert on voting rights. Most recently serving as Director of Power & Democracy at Advancement Project National Office in Washington DC, a racial justice organization, Denise is also Faculty Director of the Voter Access and Engagement Initiative at Washington University in St. Louis and head of the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition. A renowned constitutional and civil rights lawyer for almost 25 years, Lieberman has been at the forefront of voting rights debates in her home state of Missouri and across the country.

As Director of Advancement Project’s National Power & Democracy Program, Denise oversaw the organization’s Voter Protection and Right to Vote initiatives around the country. She has litigated challenges to Photo ID laws in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina, where she was counsel to the NAACP in a challenge to the state’s “monster” voter suppression law that the court found targeted African Americans “with almost surgical precision.”


Kathleen Farrell is a proud resident of St. Louis City and served as Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis from 2011 till 2017. She began the Voters Guide partnership with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a voter resource that reaches over 250,000 each election with candidate and ballot issue information for seven counties.  In addition, the League fought voter suppression and Voter Photo I.D. in the state legislature and the courts and increased its partnerships with other advocacy groups and social justice groups. She came to St. Louis in 2002 to become Head of the Department of Communication at Saint Louis University.   She just retired as a Professor with expertise in public argument and communication in 2016 and volunteers in various ways in the community and St. Louis Public Schools.


Nimrod Chapel, Jr. is an experienced trial attorney with over a decade of practice ranging from work in law firms to state government and covering a wide range of legal issues. Nimrod was responsible for a broad array of complex litigation regarding enforcement of civil rights, discrimination, consumer protection, and wage and hour and accessibility laws throughout Missouri.

Nimrod is an active member of the Missouri Bar, currently serving on the Board of Governors for the Western District.  He also serves on the boards of and is involved with numerous community not-for-profit groups, civic and professional organizations.

As president of the Missouri State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Nimrod is committed to moving equality forward for every Missouri family.


Mikel Whittier serves as the Coalitions Director for the No On 3 – Clean Missouri campaign. Additionally, he is the founder of Splice Strategies and has worked with the St. Louis Integrated Health Network since October 2016 as the Strategist of Justice & Health Equity. Prior to joining IHN, he served in various roles at Mercy Hospital St. Louis.
His policy experience extends to organizational and local policies to state and federal level policy work. Mikel has worked on various campaigns and initiatives to advance health equity like Missouri – Amendment 2 – Medicaid expansion (2020). Additionally, he represents IHN on the Regional Health Commission’s Advisory Board and serves as the co-chair of Barnes Jewish Hospital’s Community and Faith Advisory Council.  In these roles, he aids the advancement of health equity solutions that are important in addressing health disparities in the St. Louis region.


Mary Timmel is a changemaker who is experienced in local, state, and national organizing work, from volunteer management and recruitment, to policy education, partnership building, and advocacy. She is currently an Organizer with the No on Amendment 3 campaign.



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