March Friday Forum – Permanent Supportive Housing

Homeless service provisions can be confusing, both to outsiders who care about the issue and to consumers the programs are designed to assist. There are multiple types of programs, all designed to meet households where they are and close the gaps that have left them housing insecure. Even still, waiting lists for help are sometimes years long, and we still see our neighbors living outdoors in unsafe conditions. In this Friday Forum, we’ll be joined by two speakers from Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care, Amanda Statler, CoC Coordinated Entry Specialist, and Nathaniel Meece, CoC Planning Director. We will learn together what drives homelessness, what programs work to end homelessness, and why sometimes those programs fail our communities.

Empower Missouri’s Friday Forums are our monthly online educational offerings for Missourians to build knowledge on poverty-related policy issues and skill in legislative and grassroots advocacy. Register for this session below, or visit our Friday Forums page for more information on other upcoming sessions and recordings of all of our prior sessions.

March 08, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM