Bi-Monthly Briefing 2018 Session #6

[featured][featured_person name=”Brian Colby” title=”Policy Director” image=”/uploads/2018/08/briancolby.jpeg” description=”Missouri Budget Project: Brian will brief on the state budget debate and proposals for tax reform.”][featured_person name=”Ruth Ehresman” title=”Advocacy Coordinator” image=”/uploads/2018/08/ruthehresman.jpeg” description=”Vision for Children at Risk, also Co-Chair of Worker’s Right’s Board, Missouri Jobs with Justice: Ruth will speak to the citizen initiative Raise Up Missouri and the impact that raising the minimum wage can have on children living in poverty.”][featured_person name=”Jeanette Mott Oxford” title=”Executive Director” image=”/uploads/2018/08/oxfordjeanette.png” description= “Empower Missouri: JMO will brief on upcoming opportunities to address huger and our policy priorities moving in the state capitol, not touched on by our guests.”][/featured]

From Ruth Ehresman’s presentation:

Are you willing to get involved?
Do you have a group/staff who would benefit from learning more about raising the minimum wage?
Would you be willing to participate in efforts to get out the vote to support an increase in the minimum wage in the fall?


Ruth Ehresman, Vision for Children at Risk: [email protected]

Richard Von Glahn, Missouri Jobs with Justice: [email protected]

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March 29, 2018
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Phone: 515-603-3103
Call-in Code: 167856#