Vivienda asequible

The Plan – Affordable Housing Reforms

Our goal is that all conversations around housing center on the population with the greatest need. Housing is the key to many of the goals of our state, including health and mental health outcomes, workforce participation, and safe communities.

Empower Missouri recommends these long-term policy proposals to address housing affordability and homelessness:

  • Uso equitativo de los créditos fiscales y los incentivos para incentivar el desarrollo de viviendas que sean verdaderamente asequibles en las comunidades que lo necesitan.
  • Protección de los derechos de los inquilinos, incluido el apoyo ampliado en el mercado privado
  • Apoyar los cambios de zonificación local para permitir que todos nuestros vecinos vivan en las comunidades que elijan.

Tenant Organizing is a cornerstone of our work for affordable housing, including our Springfield Housing Justice Fellowship, launching in fall 2023.

We believe that housing is a Human Right. This means all of our neighbors deserve safe and affordable housing so they can live full lives. Affordable housing is key to reducing poverty across Missouri, improving health and mental health outcomes, increasing workforce participation, and building safer communities.

Key Stats

  • Los habitantes de Missouri que ganan un salario mínimo tienen que trabajar 54 horas a la semana para poder pagar una casa de alquiler de un dormitorio.
  • En Missouri, un trabajador a tiempo completo debe ganar $16.66 por hora para poder pagar una casa de alquiler de dos habitaciones.
  • Más de 122.000 hogares en Missouri no pueden asegurarse una vivienda asequible.
  • Más de 70% de hogares de bajos ingresos pagan demasiado por su vivienda.

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Join the Affordable Housing Coalition

El Coalición de Vivienda Asequible (AHC) focuses on the question, ‘What will it take for every person in Missouri to have access to safe and affordable housing?’

We are a multi-sector team of dedicated advocates who understand the importance of stable housing on health, community, safety, and more. We support regional housing work as appropriate and expand that energy to the state and federal level, building momentum to address the housing shortage crisis at an appropriate level. We are driven to make sure every person in our state has access to safe and affordable housing. Our coalition focuses on those who are most vulnerable, especially those who earn less than 50% of their AMI (Area Median Income) or who rent. The AHC meets once monthly (twice during the legislative session) via Zoom. It is staffed by Vee Sanchez. Use the form below to let us know that you’re interested in joining.