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Join us in the fight to end poverty in Missouri. Together, we can create lasting & sustainable policy solutions. Learn how you can get involved!

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Becoming a member of one of our coalitions means that you’ll be a part of network of more than 100 individuals and organizations that are finding solutions to solve some of the state’s biggest challenges – from housing reforms to poverty alleviation to criminal justice reform.

We can only prevent poverty by acting together on a statewide scale. Let’s demand that our policymakers recognize the drivers of poverty in Missouri and advance legislation that will put an end to it. Join a coalition today!

Coalición de vivienda asequible Community Justice Coalition Coalición de seguridad alimentaria

Oportunidades de entrenamiento

Empower Missouri offers a wide range of programming designed for volunteers and community members, organizations and other professionals who have an interest in national, regional and local advocacy. We also host monthly (FREE!) Friday Forum webinars to bring together anti-poverty advocates across Missouri to build knowledge on poverty-related policy issues and skill in legislative and grassroots advocacy.

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Advocacy Partners

Our Advocacy Partners Program is designed for direct service organizations to create or deepen internal advocacy capacity. The program includes a cohesive package of training, coaching, administrative support, and relationship building. We offer three tiers of programming so that nonprofits can opt in to the level that best suits their current budget and capacity. Over time, Empower can work with you to deepen your team’s investment in and capacity for the work, with the ultimate goal of your organization running a self-sustaining advocacy program.

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Organizational Membership

Empower Missouri has brought back our organizational membership program, and we would love for you to consider joining us in 2023. Our core services have always been, and will always be, free to those who want to partner with us. But if you have the ability and desire as an organization to make a financial contribution to our work, we have some fun bonus content and a growing list of training offerings to provide! Become a member today!

Support Our Work

Changing policy changes lives. In order to support Empower Missouri’s ambitious (but attainable!) policy goals, Empower Missouri has substantial plans to grow our organization, and we’d be grateful for your support as we strengthen our base for future policy wins. We deeply believe that poverty in Missouri can be eradicated. With your help, we can make a significant dent in poverty in Missouri over the next ten years. Make a donation today!

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