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Empower Missouri, founded in 1901, was created to address poverty & inequality in Missouri. We work to secure basic human needs and equal justice for every person in our state through coalition-building and advocacy.

We believe that poverty in Missouri can be eradicated.

We have the solutions to the issues we face as a state and as a country. We lack the political will to implement them. Empower Missouri works with politicians from every inch of the political spectrum to build awareness of issues of poverty & build the will to create a more equitable society through policy reform.

The growing number of people in poverty is our state’s most critical issue. Our staff and coalition partners are united in their dedication in making Missouri a more just and equitable state, where everyone has access to food, affordable housing, and equal justice under the law. Empower Missouri has been a leader in the public policy arena for more than a century. We are seeking a new generation of leaders to join our fight against the state’s greatest inequities.

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