Vote como si su vida dependiera de ello: preparándose para la presentación de las elecciones del 4 de agosto

Missouri has an important election coming up! On Thursday, July 16th, Empower Missouri held a webinar to discuss the August 4th primary and statewide measures on the ballot. Josh Protas from MAZON joined us to discuss the upcoming U.S. Senate debate about federal relief for basic human needs during COVID-19 and Denise Lieberman from the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition spoke about how people can vote absentee or by mail.

Encuentre documentos y videos importantes para el seminario web a continuación:

The absentee and mail-ballot request form can be found at este enlace.

Find Local Election Authority contact information here.



16 de julio de 2020
1:00 p. M. - 2:30 p. M.