Sesión informativa bimensual 2018 #8 26 de abril

En la llamada de hoy:
[featured][featured_person name=”Sarah Hackman” image=”/uploads/2018/11/SarahHackman-WEB.jpg” description=”Sarah, Strategic Communications Manager, coordinated secondary research efforts for the 2018 Missouri Poverty Report and
will present that report to call participants.Click this during call:” organization-logo=”/uploads/2018/11/MissouriCAN_TransparentLogo.png” ][featured_person name=”Ana Hicks” image=”/uploads/2018/11/AnaHicks.jpg” description=”Ana Hicks, State Strategies Manager Food Assistance Division, supports state non-profit organizations in our efforts to strengthen and improve SNAP and will brief us on the Farm Bill.” organization-logo=”/uploads/2018/11/CenterOnBudgetAndPolicyPriorities.png” ][featured_person name=”Jeanette Mott Oxford” image=”/uploads/2018/08/oxfordjeanette.png” description=”JMO will brief on upcoming opportunities to address our policy priorities moving in the state capitol.
” organization-logo=”/uploads/2018/08/logo_button.png”][/featured]


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26 de abril de 2018
4:30 p. M. - 6:00 p. M.
Teléfono: 515-603-3103
Código de llamada entrante: 167856#
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