Smart Sentencing Coalition Call Notes

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On the call: Beth (Innocence Project), Barbara Baker (CWIT), Rita Linhardt (Mo Catholic Conference), Jamie Tomek, Michelle Smith and Patty Berger (All of Us or None), Ted and Linda Schroeder (retired in KC), Cheryl Adelstein (JCRC), Nicole Porter (The Sentencing Project), Mary Ann McGivern, Mike Gross (CLB), Liza Wiess (Missouri Appleseed), Stanley McCoy (Second Chance Freedom Foundation), and Nicole and JMO (Empower Missouri).


Truly Agreed and Finally Passed:

  • HB 192 (Degroot) Debtor’s Prisons bill/Municipal court reform. Included the language from HB 113 (Smith)/SB 8&74 (Emery and May) on Mandatory Prison Time Reform.
  • SB 1 (Curls): Expungement of certain crimes. Can see the list of crimes in the fiscal note.
  • SB 397 included expungement for prostitution charges to those uner 18 and also some foster care and child care changes like “Nathan’s Law” (related to adult to child staffing ratio and a response to Missouri’s tragic history around child death and injury in unlicensed child care facilities).
  • SB 514: Expands the affordable care act to children who aged out of foster care in other states then moved to Missouri. This includes language including suspension, rather than termination, of Medicaid for people being placed in prison.


JMO Reported:

  • Canteen Fund language is still alive in HB 113. JMO has a message into Hansen’s office to find out more about this. More information to come…
  • Fresh Start Act. On House calendar for Senate Bills for 3rd reading. JMO is trying to reach Grier’s office. More information to come. An action we can take is to mail Rep. Elijah Haahr and Rob Vescovo to ask them to take up and pass SB 164 without amending it.
  • Hannegan’s Elder Parole: He added the language as an amendment, but this does not look like it is in a good position to pass. JMO will contact Hannegan for more info.


  • KC Brunch on June 8, 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Nicole Porter will be speaking.
  • Next Smart Sentencing Call will be at 9 a.m. on June 21. (We can move back to 11 a.m. on third Fridays after that if you prefer.)

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