Holly Honig-Josephson

Policy Director

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Email: [email protected]


Holly was born and raised in St. Louis and spent much of her adult life in various leadership roles in the corporate world providing direction and services to Fortune 500 organizations around the globe. She served as a volunteer in various roles during those years as a sexual assault advocate, supporting individuals in addiction recovery, and discovered a passion for working with people who are directly impacted by prison. Her experiences in the nonprofit sector inspired her to shift careers to lift up the voices of people historically excluded and struggling against the barriers our systems create. She left the corporate world to serve as vice-president of the largest non-profit provider of advocacy and support services for people in the Michigan state prison system. Holly earned a bachelor degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from Grand Valley State University. As Policy Director at Empower Missouri, she is working in partnership with the Advocacy Director, Policy Managers, and community leaders to secure basic human needs and equal justice for every person in Missouri.