Chloe Owens, MSW

Chloe Owens, Justice Organizer

Justice Organizer

Chloe Owens is a social worker and emerging documentarian from Memphis, TN. After serving in AmeriCorps and supporting students on their path to academic success, she realized that many of the obstacles she saw in classrooms were the effects of systemic failures and injustices and decided to pursue a career focused on policy and advocacy work. Chloe pursued a Masters in Social Work, to develop knowledge of organizing, coalition building, and systemic oppression, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Documentary Filmmaking, to understand the power of storytelling in affecting change. Now, she serves as the Justice Organizer for Empower Missouri and is excited to use her social work and storytelling background to support the Missouri HIV Justice Coalition’s effort to modernize the state’s laws regarding HIV. She is an advocate at heart, and this role speaks to the work she is most passionate about: fighting against laws, policies, and structures that seek to take away our humanity. Chloe is guided by the quote, “We rise by lifting others,” and she plans to spend her days proving this phrase to be true.

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