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Some of Empower Missouri’s most effective social justice advocates came to our organization by way of participation in a Student Advocacy Day, a student chapter, or an internship. Two special needs are approaching: We have a Public Policy Intern who will work with us in fall and spring for 450 hours (for which we are thankful!), and some students will apply for reduced registration rates for our annual conference October 6 and 7 in Kansas City. Our Fr. Bill Hutchison Student Empowerment Fund provides a way to cover these costs, but our 2015 conference and a stipend for our Spring 2016 intern have used almost all that we had in this fund. Please help us fill the Fr. Bill fund back up to the top! Our goal is $5,000 by August 15. Won’t you help today? Donate online here or send a check to our office at the following address.  Thank you for helping to Empower Missouri!

Empower Missouri
308 E. High Street Suite 100
Jefferson City, MO 65101


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