Farm Bill Call-In Day

The Farm Bill is a massive multi-year law that governs a complex array of agricultural and food programs. Farm commodity price and income supports, agricultural conservation, farm credit, trade, research, rural development, bioenergy, foreign food aid, and domestic nutrition assistance are the main topics contained in the Farm Bill. About 80% of its funding is devoted to nutrition programs, especially the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as food stamps) so it is a priority area of concern for Empower Missouri with our focus on access to basic human needs.


The Farm Bill is normally reauthorized every five years, and 2018 is a year for such action. It is legislation that is crucial for Missouri, given that agriculture is our number one industry and that hunger is a huge issue here. One out of eight Missourians utilizes SNAP.


A strong, bipartisan Farm Bill is in every Missourian’s interest. Unfortunately that is not the bill put forward by the House Agriculture Committee. Their 2018 Farm Bill breaks the long history of bipartisan commitment to ensure struggling families across the country have enough to eat. We must not settle for the harmful, unworkable, untested, and wasteful ideas put forward by Congressman Conaway and his committee. (Find slides from Ana Hicks, State Strategies Manager in the Food Assistance Division at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities [CBPP], explaining flaws in the current proposal on our April 26 legislative briefing page.)


On Tuesday, May 8th, Empower Missouri and the Missouri Budget Project are joining a Call-In Day on the Farm Bill with national partners CBPP, MAZON: a Jewish Response to Hunger, the Food Research and Action Center, the Coalition on Human Need and other anti-hunger organizations. We call on our members and supporters to contact their U.S. Representative with this message: “Vote NO on H.R. 2, the Farm Bill!”


We are thankful that Feeding America has made a toll free number available for this Call-in Day: 1-888-398-8702.  You will be connected to your Representative’s office by putting in your zip code.


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Be sure to join @EmpowerMissouri and national anti-hunger partners for a digital day of action on Tuesday, May 8th. Ask Congress to Vote NO on H.R.2!  #HandsOffSNAP.


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Unfortunately SNAP is not the only vital program under attack. There are attempts to reduce spending on housing assistance, Medicaid, and other social programs, given the massive giveaway to the wealthiest one percent and the ballooning of the federal deficit created by the tax cut plan in late 2017.  Defeating H.R. 2’s SNAP cuts will strengthen us for similar fights that we will have to undertake. Learn more about what is wrong with the current version of the Farm Bill here, and, if you represent an organization, we hope you will gain authorization to sign on for your agency/group.


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