Empower Missouri Applauds Governor’s Veto of Senate Bill 24

Ask Your House and Senate Members to Sustain the Veto

Speaking at Operation Breakthrough, a child care center in Kansas City that serves more than 400 children weekly, Gov. Jay Nixon today announced his veto of Senate Bill 24. We applaud him for that action and call on the Missouri General Assembly to sustain his veto.

Our previous Action Alerts have spelled out the dangers in Senate Bill 24:

  • It shortens the lifetime limit for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) by 25%. Initially more than 6300 children will lose benefits this bill goes into effect, and over time that number will just keep growing.
  • It creates new harsher punishments for parents that do not sustain 30 hours of approved work activities, mainly unpaid, while living at incomes levels that are often less than $300 per month (not even20% of the Federal Poverty Level). Those punishments strip needed cash assistance from very vulnerable children, many of them under five. Kids need stable access to food and shelter to develop physically and mentally.
  • It ties Missouri’s hands around food stamp rules in times of high unemployment, making it impossible to ask the federal government for permission to serve more of those who are hungry in our communities. No good comes from increasing hunger in Missouri – one in six persons in Missouri already reports food insecurity.


For more details about SB 24 click here.. For a list of 30+ groups that had signed onto a campaign to obtain and sustain a veto as of April 29, click here..


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