Empower Missouri advocates for the well-being of all Missourians through civic leadership, education and research.

Empower Missouri envisions Missouri becoming a more just, equitable and democratic society that assures every person’s health, safety, security, independence, human rights, dignity and the opportunity to reach full potential.

Our guiding principles are:

Basic Needs.  All people in Missouri should have true access to quality healthcare, decent housing, adequate nutrition and appropriate education.  Our state should fully fund, fully implement and/or fully supplement, as appropriate, state and federal programs for health and mental health services, housing and homelessness services, food assistance programs, and all levels of public education.

Basic Fairness.  All people in Missouri should be treated with dignity and fairness, and share on a just basis in the responsibilities and benefits of the prosperity of our society.  Our state should emphasize restorative alternatives to our punitive corrections system, build a welcoming and inclusive 21st Century social climate free of hate and prejudice, fully support policies that empower people to overcome their economic circumstances, and require all to pay their fair share in support of the common good.