Medicaid Plan Could Help MO Budget

White House Announcement Gives New Reason for Missouri to Act Swiftly

Plus List of Actions/Dates to Save in Medicaid Expansion Campaign

Today, the White House announced that President Obama’s 2017 budget will create a new incentive to close the coverage gap for the 19 states that have not yet taken the opportunity to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act. By reimbursing each state for 100% of the cost of the newly-eligible for the first three years after it expands Medicaid eligibility, regardless of when it closes the gap, the proposal will further increase the fiscal savings Missouri would see by expanding Medicaid.

Click here for the joint press release from Missouri Budget Project, Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, Missouri Health Care for All, and Missouri Medicaid Coalition.  (Empower Missouri is on the Steering Committee of the Missouri Medicaid Coalition.) Click here for full White House Announcement.


With the beginning of session on January 6, it is important for legislators to know that we still want them to close the coverage gap this year! Please take a few minutes to send a letter to your legislators. This will help maintain the steady drumbeat of support for Medicaid expansion. Thanks to our friends at Missouri Health Care for All for setting up a quick and easy click and send letter, but if you have time, please personalize their sample message or simply write you own. (If you do not know your state legislator, we can teach you how to find it. Write


Save the dates for the following two health care lobby days (hosted by Missouri Health Care for All and co-sponsored by Empower Missouri):

Wednesday, February 17 and Tuesday, April 19.

These lobby days will focus on closing the coverage gap as well as other pertinent health care issues. More info coming soon!

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