Empower Missouri joins in lawsuit

Out of concern that a potentially illegal process is being used to supply drugs for executions in Missouri, leaders from Empower Missouri have joined a lawsuit in Cole County Circuit Court challenging Missouri’s lethal injection protocal. Signing on as plaintiffs are our executive director Jeanette Mott Oxford and Mary Ann McGivern of our Criminal Justice Task Force. Additional plaintiffs presently include former state senator Joan Bray and Rev. Elston McCowan of the NAACP.

Empower Missouri’s Criminal Justice task force has been working to abolish, put a moratorium onĀ and study the death penalty for many years. Being a part of this lawsuit, which addresses the lethal injection protocol for the death penalty in Missouri, is something Empower Missouri leaders feel is a necessary step in the death penalty advocacy process. For more information contact Jeanette Mott Oxford.



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