EJTF Continues Fight for Living Wage

Too many Missourians are working for peanuts! According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 40% of non-elderly households in Missouri have incomes of less than $33,000 annually. No wonder one out of six Missouri families are food insecure and that affordable housing is out of reach for tens of thousands.

Workers with low wages are taking the power in their own hands by organizing for a living wage and a union in Kansas City and St. Louis. Elected officials in both cities have recently passed significant increases to the state wage, moving up incrementally to $13 and $11 per hour respectively.

But the National Restaurant Association and companies that benefit by poverty wages are trying to tie the hands of local governments so they cannot act in response to the demands of workers. In the 2015 Legislative Session, they were able to secure passage of HB 722 which would outlaw local wage and benefits ordinances. Gov. Nixon has vetoed the bill, but an override attempt is expected in Veto Session on September 16.

What can you do to move the fight for a living wage forward? Find out about this and more by dialing in to Empower Missouri’s next Economic Justice Task Force (EJTF) meeting on Thursday, September 3, 4:30-6 p.m. Guest speakers will be:

  • Molly Fleming, an organizer for the Kansas City minimum wage campaign, who is assisting Missouri Jobs with Justice with the fight to sustain the veto of HB 722. She also organizes to reform payday lending, another EJTF concern.
  • Megan Green, Alderman for the 15th War in St. Louis City, a supporter of the higher minimum wage.
  • Erin Brower, an organizer with Raise Your Hands for Kids (RYH4K), a ballot initiative campaign to raise the tobacco tax and to devote revenue from tobacco sales to early childhood education.

The dial-in number is:


Passcode: 167856#

To RSVP, contact Jeanette@EmpowerMissouri.org. For more information, call 573-634-2901, x 301.


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